• Clinical Mentors

    Parker Psychiatric Services

    Clinical Mentors

    Empowering you to
    overcome life's challenges.

    Clinical Mentors will teach children, adults, and families how to relate emotions arising from everyday life issues.

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  • Life Skills Mentoring

    Parker Psychiatric Services

    Life Skills Mentoring

    Independent Life Skills Development

    Young adults aging aging out of foster care, living in group homes or out-of-placement, and homeless shelters are in need of everyday life skills in order to live on their own.

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  • Substance Abuse Coordinators

    Parker Psychiatric Services

    Substance Abuse Coordinators

    Addressing more than drug abuse.

    The biggest and toughest step toward recovery is the very first one - Deciding to make a change.

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Parker Psychiatric Services | Baltimore, MD

"Mental Health Services Without Walls"

Parker Psychiatric Services, Inc. (PPS) is a community based Mental Health agency that is licensed to provide Psychiatric Rehabilitation Program Services (PRP) to children, families, and adults who reside in the state of Maryland. Parker Psychiatric Services, Inc. was designed to meet specific services to the individual needs of children, adults, and families by providing a holistic approach guided by the SPECIAL Model. The SPECIAL Model’s clinical services are implemented by our trained staff who are Rehabilitation Specialist, Clinical Mentors, Life Skills Coordinators, One to One Mentors, Crisis Intervention Specialist, Substance Abuse Coordinators, Job Coaches, Licensed Social Workers, and Registered Nurses.

Community Based Services

Community based long-term care services help people -- old and young -- stay at home and live as independently as possible. These services can be given at home or at a location in the community. Some programs are limited to people with disabilities or low-income people, but many are open to all. Read More

Social Skills

You may not advance far in life without strong interpersonal relationships. Focusing on relationships will help you get a job, and make new friends. Well prepared social skills can increase your happiness and satisfaction and provide you a better outlook on life. Read More

Supportive Services

Our Supportive Services will help individuals and families in providing support and assistance with accessing critical need services. This includes housing, employment, educational, substance abuse and additional resources and referrals to individuals and families in need. Read More

Mental Health Services

Parker Psychiatric Service Psychiatric Rehabilitation Program(PRP) is licensed through the Department of Mental Health and Hygiene.

Our program is designed to assist children and adults, who are diagnosed with mental health disorders, to achieve recovery. All services are offered onsite and in the community.

Clinical Mentors will empower children, adults, and families with intervention techniques that will help them be successful in their community, school, and/or employment

Clinical Mentors will provide children, adults, and families the skills to relate emotions arising from everyday life issues.

Services are provided in any setting where the youth or adult resides, such as the home (including foster homes and therapeutic foster homes), and in community settings, such as schools, child care centers, respite settings, as well as other culturally and linguistically appropriate community settings.

Anyone involved in your care is important to us. At the minimum of once a month, we will talk with other providers to ensure you or your child receives the best care possible. At times, we may wish to meet as a group so that everyone is working together to help you and your family.

When collaborating with another provider, we will coordinate services in the following ways:

1. Discuss what is working and what is not working to help your child 
2. Identify any changes or needs that should be addressed 
3. Provide an update on services and your child’s progress
4. Meet with the parent to discuss effectiveness of services

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Our Staff

The key to any for profit or non-profit organization is the people who make it work. Parker Psychiatric Services is blessed with a skillful and dedicated staff who assist and enable people in the Baltimore and surrounding areas reach their full potential.

Gary Parker

Gary, our Chief Executive Officer, has worked in the Social Services and Mental Health fields for over 20 years.

Deanna Dishman

Deanna has over 20 years experience providing services to the mentally-ill, developmentally disabled, and neglected.

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